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James A. FitzPatrick - Traveltalks

Thanks to Allan Hyde's (yes, Godric) twitter post I have discovered this, now silly, travel-logs from 30's and 40's produced by Mr. James A. FitzPatrick.

Copenhagen 1937

James A. Fitzpatrick (February 26, 1894 in Shelton, Connecticut – June 12, 1980 in Cathedral CityCalifornia) was a movie producer, director, writer, and narrator, best remembered for making documentaries. After completing training in dramatic arts, he worked, for a while, as a journalist. In 1925, he entered in films by filming travel documentaries for British and American viewers.[1] [2] MGM distributed the series under the umbrella titles "Fitzpatrick Traveltalks" and "The Voice of the Globe". ForParamount, he produced "Vistavision Visits". Many of the movies were in Technicolor. These brief documentaries are often shown on Turner Classic Movies prior to the broadcast of relevent movies. (Wikipedia)

It is so great to see for example Copenhagen before WWII or Chicago before Sears Tower. Or how "thanks to the modern technology it is possible to reach Old Amsterdam from New Amsterdam in just incredible 18 hours".

Amsterdam 1949

Chicago 1948

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