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Henning Larsens - The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo, Norway

Location: Oslo, Norway
Client: Rikshospitalet University Hospital Gross
floor area: 8,500 m2 Year of construction: 2003 - 2006
Type of assignment: 1st prize in invited competition

The radiation treatment department is located on the highest and most hilly part of the site. It comprises five new radiotherapy facilities, examination functions partly below terrain as well as laboratory, teaching and office facilities above terrain. The oldest buildings of the hospital, the new extension and the tall trees of the nearby Mærradal provide the framework of a new local arrival’s area from where patients have direct access to the facilities of the building. The existing main entrance of the hospital has level free access to the four-storey high and bright foyer. A high south-facing glass facade ensures a rich inflow of daylight into all building functions. The flora and stream of the Mærradal is visible through the large west-facing windows in the resting area of the foyer and from the examination and conversation rooms of the lower west wing. The light timbered walls and sloping ceilings of the entrance areas and treatment rooms reflect the daylight far into the rooms. The angled shape of the entrance area makes it possible to avoid heavy metal doors and instead use tall glass doors as the only separating element during treatments.

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